Video VIP Day.

Let's build a strategy to turn YOUR viewers into paying customers - in just ONE day.


You need a video plan. Asap.

You've been filming videos for your business and hope for the best - maybe even cross your fingers - every time you click publish. You wish you had a clear sense of direction on how to make video work for YOU.

If only there was a one-stop-shop solution that would give you the clarity and confidence to take action immediately.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You put precious time and effort into your videos, yet you keep getting little to no response - let alone a new customer!
  • You're overwhelmed by all the options (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, whatever else Silicon Valley is dreaming up next) and are too busy serving clients to figure out which video format is right for you.
  • You want to know how to take advantage of video in YOUR business.
  • You wish you had a strategic + personalized action plan that you can implement today.

Imagine if...

  • You could clear up the confusion and have a strategic plan about exactly which video formats and platforms to integrate in your business.
  • You could have your video strategy sorted out once and for all, instead of moving it to the top of tomorrow's to-do list...again.
  • You could have 3+months of content planned and all the action steps you need to take already outlined for you.
  • Your videos brought in new leads and sales from customers you're excited to work with.


Personalized done-with-you video coaching and strategy.


Here's how we do it:

1. Book your VIP Day

Let's get you on the calendar stat.

2. Fill out the pre-questionnaire

Give me all the details on your business and what you need help with.

3. Video VIP Day

We meet for 3 hours, broken up into (2) 90-minute sessions.

During the first 90 minutes, we discuss your questionnaire, video goals, and what you sell in your business.

Then we take a 1 hour break to recharge our batteries.

Then we reconvene for the second 90 minutes, where we plan 3+months worth of content and build your action plan.

4. You get your Video Action Plan

7-10 days after, you receive your customized video action plan, complete with call recordings

and step-by-step video tutorials for you to implement.

5. Book your Follow-up Call

4-8 weeks later, we schedule a 60-minute follow-up call to discuss your progress and anything that has come up since.

"Victoria comes prepared and with ideas. I run a yoga membership program for pregnant folks and moms that has a combo of live classes and a video library. She helped me organize it, re-envision how my membership will run, get clarity on what I offer and to whom. After the VIP day, I got clarity on how to do my live membership classes and how to organize my video library. These 2 things have stumped me for a year and a half. Victoria does her homework and gives such thoughtful guidance."

— Janine Murphy,

Here's what you get:


Have a solid list of video topics, ready for you to film, that speaks to what your audience is searching for.


Together we will craft concise and effective core messaging to keep viewers engaged with your video and turn them into buyers.


You'll know exactly how to leverage video in YOUR business to get your next customer.


I'll review your videos and related marketing content, to see how they currently fit together and what needs tweaking.


This PDF roadmap includes your custom video strategy as well as resources and tips for you to implement.


You'll receive a customized list of SEO keywords that will work specifically for your video content and industry, to make your videos show up when potential customers are looking for what you offer.

Book your VIP Day and let's get to work!

Video VIP Day

  • 3+ months worth of content planned
  • 1:1 Coaching with Victoria
  • 3 Hour VIP Day + 1 Hour Follow-up Call
  • Feedback on your videos and marketing content
  • Core messaging scripts for when you're ready to record
  • Video Action Plan + Call Recordings
  • Email support between calls


(Payment plan available at checkout.)


This approach allowed me to get right down to business. Victoria had so many great ideas for improving my YouTube channel, SEO, and video content. She not only helped me shape my video content but also opened me up to different possibilities for attracting new viewers. I learned about the importance of SEO, creating helpful video descriptions, and improving my video quality. I don't believe I would have been able to make these changes as quickly as I did without the VIP day. If you are looking for an actionable plan that you can implement right away, to get your YouTube channel showing results, then you need this Video VIP Day!

— Sue Andersen,

"From the VIP Day, I got clarity on how to talk about what I do, running a Youtube channel, video ideas, and a killer actionable marketing plan. Victoria's knowledge and expertise were mind-blowing. The VIP day is worth it because there are just so many small things that would take so long to figure out on your own. I spent 20 years in live television but running a Youtube channel is just a unique animal. I literally loved everything about working together with Victoria.

— Lisa Jenkins,


Can we really create a full plan in one day / 3 hours?

Yes and no. Your contribution to the plan will only take 3 hours. The whole process, from reviewing your pre-questionnaire, preparing for our meeting, coaching on the call with you, creating your custom video plan afterward, and having the follow-up call, takes me 8-10 hours.

Will you help me create videos or set up my Youtube Channel?

I'll answer any "how-to" questions on our call together, so you know exactly how to create videos and set up your channel. We can also screen-share during the call, to talk through your Youtube channel dashboard. But I don't edit videos or set anything up for you manually.

When can I schedule my Video VIP Day?

As soon as you book, you'll get my scheduling link to book a day that works for you. I do limit VIP days to 4 spots per month. They're typically booked 2-4 weeks in advance, which gives you enough time to fill out the pre-questionnaire.

Do I need a Youtube Channel for this?

No, you don't. Our day is customized to YOUR video needs. We will create a plan to leverage video in your business, whether that's for your paid offerings, social media, Youtube, or wherever you want to use video.

Do I have access to you after our VIP Day?

Yes, after our VIP day you get 2 weeks of email support and a 1-hour follow-up call (4-8 weeks after the VIP day), to address any lingering questions and discuss your progress.

Hey There, I'm Victoria!

I'm a video coach and business strategist -- and I'll teach you how to leverage video in your business to get your next customer.

I work with small business owners from all industries, who are ready to uplevel their video strategy and want to grow their community + sales through video.

My superpower? I combine your business offerings and core messaging to create YOUR strategic video action plan.

Get the clarity and confidence to grow your business with video.


Video VIP Day

Because you needed a strategic video plan, like...yesterday.


Payment plan available at checkout.

Have a question? Contact me here, or DM me on Instagram @victorialevitan